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Introducing Our New Propane Service

As your full service propane company, we do it all: Propane Exception Energy
  • Propane delivery
  • Propane storage tank sale or lease/rental
  • Propane storage tank installation
  • Propane equipment installation, repair and maintenance
Read more about the many benefits of Buhrmaster propane.

Contact us now for your propane delivery and service.

Automatic Delivery - Oilheat

Customers on automatic delivery can rest assured of uninterrupted warmth. As an automatic delivery customer, you won't need to worry about checking your oil tank or running low on fuel - especially during those cold winter months. Buhrmaster monitors your home's heat use with its state-of-the-art computer system and "degree day" equation, along with weather conditions, and automatically schedules when you should receive your oil delivery. Automatic delivery is not only convenient, but you will benefit from peace-of-mind comfort all season long, for Buhrmaster Energy will deliver your fuel when you need it!


We take care of our customers by taking care of their Oilheat, natural gas and air conditioning equipment all year long. Keep your home comfort equipment in top working order with a Buhrmaster MASTER Service Plan: your seasonal tune-up is covered - as are many of your heating system's parts and labor charges. Remember, a properly maintained system uses 5% less fuel per year, so you're saving money and your equipment.

24-hour Emergency Service

Relax. If your heat shuts off at any time, Buhrmaster will be there. Our 24-hour emergency service means there's a technician on call - even in the middle of the night, on a holiday, or in the middle of a snowstorm. Even better, emergency calls are covered in full under Buhrmaster's heating system MASTER Service Plans.

service technician If you have no heat, first try these fixes, then call us if the system doesn't kick on:
  • Check the fuse or circuit breaker, and make sure it has not tripped
  • Check the thermostat and set it high enough to turn on the heating system
  • Check that the emergency switch is in the "on" position
  • Check your oil level in your tank (if you're on automatic delivery, this shouldn't be an issue)
  • Check the water level in your boiler
  • If everything checks out - call us, and a technician will be there as quickly as possible

Equipment: Oilheat and Natural Gas

You can rely on Buhrmaster Energy for professional sales and installation of Oilheat and natural gas equipment. We sell and install boilers and furnaces ... hot water heaters ... generators and more! For more information on the brands we offer, please visit our Products section.

Equipment: Air Conditioning

Buhrmaster Energy will keep you cool with high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR®-rated air conditioning. We specialize in installations of traditional duct systems and new, ductless air conditioning. From pre-season check-ups - included in your Air Conditioning MASTER Service Plan - to maintenance and repairs, you'll see there's no reason to sweat it this summer.

Water Softening

Contact Buhrmaster for your water softening solutions. Water softening reduces the minerals found in "hard water" - which will reduce skin irritation and dryness; make your appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, hot water heaters) last longer, and require less soap and fewer rinses when doing laundry.

Kerosene/Motor Fuels

Buhrmaster delivers a complete range of wholesale petroleum products, including on-road diesel, off-road diesel, gasoline and kerosene. Capital District companies that purchase liquid fuel in bulk get the best value and service from Buhrmaster, because our prices are low and we respect our customers' unique scheduling needs. To get high-quality bulk fuel whenever and wherever you need it, please call Buhrmaster today or contact us.


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