Today's Heating Oil Price $4.25


Today's Heating Oil Price $4.25

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Terms & Conditions

This plan does not include labor or material costs for repairs resulting from Acts of God, Floods, Lightning, Fire, Electrical Failure, Labor Problems, Transportation Difficulties, Wars, Terrorist Activity, Riots, Frozen Pipes, Governmental Restrictions or Requests, Use of Wood Stoves, or Customers Working on Units. This company shall not be liable for loss, injury or damage caused by failure or delay in performance of services contained herein, further, the company shall not be liable for loss, injury or damage due to their performance or services mentioned herein unless caused solely by its negligence. This plan is subject to change without notification.

Buhrmaster Energy Group will not be liable for damages resulting from heat failure in an unoccupied or vacant building, whether it be caused by heating system malfunction or lack of fuel. Vacant or unoccupied property should be checked daily by the owner or owner's agent. Environmental loss or damage caused by leaking fuel storage tanks or faulty fuel lines is not covered by any of these plans and is the sole responsibility of the property owner. No warranty of fitness is given covering fuel storage tanks or fuel lines due to these programs or subsequent inspections or service.

This plan is active for one year unless terminated on written notice by either party to the other. This plan is not transferable. In the event the customer cancels coverage for any reason during the term of the plan, no refunds will be granted. Buhrmaster Energy Group reserves the right to change any or all aspects of coverage and/or pricing during the duration of these agreements.

Buhrmaster Energy Group reserves the right to determine the make and model of all necessary replacement parts used during the duration of these plans. The company also shall not be liable for furnishing replacement parts in cases where the parts have become obsolete and/or are no longer available. None of these plans cover complete burner or heating system replacement, pool heating systems, or wood-oil combination heating systems.

Repair and/or replacement of any items not included under the offered service plan are subject to charges for both parts and labor at our prevailing rates. Parts which are covered under their respective plans are clearly identified and listed - please read carefully. Some examples of parts not covered under any of our programs are as follows: Radiator Valves, Humidifiers, Steam or Hot Water Piping, Expansion Tanks, Oil Tanks, Oil Lines, Domestic Hot Water Coils, Boiler or Furnace Repair, Frozen Pipes - Lines - etc.., Radiators or Duct Work, Space- Gard Air Filters, any Lennox Brand Systems, Programmable Thermostats, Filltrol Tank, Fan Control Circuit Boards, Warm Air Furnaces, and Heat Exchanger replacement or repair (parts or labor).

Only emergency service will be performed nights, weekends and holidays. Examples of emergency service are: complete heating system failure, or a dangerous condition. Determination of emergency status is the sole right of this company and/or its agents. Service will not be rendered under this agreement if a customer has a past due account. Prevailing rates for labor and parts will apply to all service which is requested but not covered by the terms of this agreement.

All fuel requirements must be purchased from Buhrmaster Energy Group during the term of this agreement under our automatic delivery program and paid for under the credit terms set forth by the company's credit department. This plan may be cancelled without refund if any of these terms are not met by the customer.

Buhrmaster Energy Group reserves the right to decline coverage or renewal at any time and to cancel this agreement upon inspection of the customer's heating system. An inspection of said heating system may also be required prior to coverage being offered. All plans are non-refundable under any circumstances. Customers who purchase any of our service plan programs waive their right to subrogation concerning any claims resulting from work performed under the service plan.

A MASTER Check-up will be performed upon request of the customer at a time acceptable to both parties. Cancellation by a customer of a MASTER Check-up or other Scheduled Service may result in a one-hour labor charge if the company is not given 24 hours notice prior to the scheduled date.

Customer's full payment for one of the Buhrmaster Energy Group MASTER Plans constitutes acceptance of the preceding terms and conditions. Payment is due upon renewal date.