Today's Heating Oil Price $1.99


Today's Heating Oil Price $1.99

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Limited Time Spring/Summer Discounts!

Save big with these special, limited-time discounted prices on propane and heating oil from Buhrmaster!

Call us to get your Propane Tank Set or Leak Test at no charge, and fill your propane tank for only $1.29/gallon.*

Low Propane Heating Prices:
Pre-buy your propane for the 2020-2021 heating season at the lowest prices available: $1.29/gallon.

Save on Heating Oil:
Cap your heating oil pricing for 2020-2021 as low as $2.09/gallon. If prices go down, you pay the lower price. If they go higher, your price is protected at $2.09! See today’s low Heating Oil price at (cap price fees apply).

Supplies are limited for propane and heating oil at these prices! Don’t miss your chance for the lowest prices of the season. Call your local Buhrmaster office today!

*For automatic delivery customers with 500 gallons or more annual usage.
Supplies are limited at promotional pricing. Special price offers for propane and heating oil require minimum purchase. Cap price heating oil requires upfront cap fee. Other details and restrictions apply. Contact our office for details, restrictions, minimums and other terms and exclusions.

Propane Discounts - All Year Long!

"What would a discount fuel dealer be without great discounts?" Don't ask us! Buhrmaster offers several ways to save on propane. Call today to take advantage of these incredible fuel discounts, and keep checking this page as we will continue to update it as prices change and new discounts become available.

Refer a Friend or Neighbor

Any existing customer of Buhrmaster Propane or Shaw Propane who refers a Friend or Neighbor to us for Propane Delivery Service on an automatic basis for heating or greater use will be eligible to receive 50 gallons of FREE Propane! The customer you refer will also receive the same 50 Gallons of FREE Propane as a Welcome Gift. Please call or contact our office for details.

Senior Citizens Discount:

 All seniors 65 years or older receive a discount.

Fuel Combo Discount:

Buhrmaster Propane customers who also purchase heating oil or kerosene from us receive a discount on their propane delivery.

Military Discount:

 Buhrmaster supports all of our troops and veterans, and to thank you for your service, we offer a no-strings-attached discount.

To take advantage of these special propane discounts, call or contact Buhrmaster Propane today using the form on this page.